Pangaea English Online Adapts with You


Learning is a dynamic endeavor that extends beyond the classroom. Why limit your possibilities?


At Pangaea, we focus on education that’s far-reaching. We bring it wherever you are. By combining the power of state-of-the art technology with creative learning solutions, we provide our students with real opportunities for growth.

Welcome to Your Compelling Learning Experience!

Pangaea offers creative learning solutions

Learn how to effectively express your ideas,  participate in a variety of activities, or prepare for an exam.

Refresher - Work on specific skills and concepts to keep your edge in English.                                                                          12 Lessons  / €150  

Wordsmithing - Translators and Editors - Learn how to refine word choice and construct sentences with careful consideration to context, and then apply those skills to create a written document or oral presentation.                                                     
20 Lessons  / €200

English Skills Development -  A personalized development plan is designed to help you learn what you need to know.
30 Lessons  / €360

Grammar Glamour! -  This course covers a variety of grammar topics including verb tenses, parts of speech, use of prepositions, and sentence structure.                                          40 Lessons / €450.00


  •     One-on-one language instruction via video conference...
  •     Professional and friendly instructors...
  •     Personalized development plan...
  •     Constructive 30-minute lesson...
  •     Dynamic resources...