English Conversation
This course will focus on building confidence in speaking
listening, understanding, and using new vocabulary. We will practice pronunciation, read short articles, and 

listen to dialogue.
One-hour private session: €30
Two-hour study-group for 2 to 5 people:

 €15/hr per student

Homework Tutoring
Increase your child’s chances for academic success with

 afterschool tutoring.  Language Arts  (reading  comprehension, written expression,  book reports), Test Preparation (final exams, ACT,  SAT,  TOEFL), and Social Studies.

  • One-hour private session: €30
  • Two-hour study-group for 2 to 5 students: 

                  €15/hr per student

  • I also offer Final exam, Holiday and Summer          Programming.

Legal Analysis and Writing
This workshop focuses on how to approach a legal analysis and writing project. Each interactive module will explore the different framework components, persuasive writing techniques, and relevant vocabulary.

One-hour private session: €45
Two-hour study-group for 2 to 5 professionals: 

€25/hr per student

One-hour private session: €30
Two-hour study-group for 2 to 5 professionals: 
$15/hr per student

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Online Lessons

  • One-on-one instruction via Skype
  • Professional and friendly instructor
  • Personalized development plan
  • Constructive 30-minute lessons
  • Dynamic resources

Available Packages:
Refresher - Work on specific skills and concepts to keep your edge in English.

12 Lessons / €150   
WordSmithing for Translators and Editors - Learn how to refine word choice and construct sentences with careful consideration to context.

20 Lessons / €200

Professional Skills Development -  A personalized development plan is designed to help you learn what you need to know.

30 Lessons / €360

Grammar Glamour! -  This course covers a variety of grammar topics including verb tenses, parts of speech, use of prepositions, and sentence structure. 

40 Lessons / €450

Business English
Increase your chances for professional success with English skills development coaching.

Interviewing and presentation skills - Learn how to navigate a professional job interview with useful techniques and vocabulary.   

Business Communication - Writing, presentations, speaking, reports, and legal English.

Test Preparation - TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge, Eiken  

Please inquire about other skills.  I speak  Spanish,  French, and Arabic.

One-hour private session: €30
Two-hour study-group for 2 to 5 professionals: 
$15/hr per student

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