Our Instructors

India  is currently pursuing a degree in Art and Creative Design.  She specializes in English conversation, vocabulary drills, and pronunciation practice.  India has lived in several countries and is fluent in French and Korean.

"I really enjoy talking to my students about their school and hobbies while helping them get over their shyness. We have a great time and laugh a lot!" -- India P.

All workshops and training sessions are facilitated by Pangaea language instructors.  We are committed to providing a unique learning experience while utilizing innovative teaching methods. 

Michelle Parks is the owner and operator of our international training and development firm, Pangaea Services. Michelle currently provides personal and professional development coaching in Egypt, France, Japan, and the United States.  Michelle’s specializations are academic tutoring, business communication strategies, legal English writing and processes, and personal development coaching.  She comfortably speaks French, Spanish, and Arabic.

"I have been coaching business professionals, lawyers, and university students to success for more than 15 years and and I love my job!" -- M