About Us

Pangaea Services was created by Michelle Parks  in 2004 in Cairo, Egypt.  We were charged with assisting Italian-speaking  employees at Microsoft Egypt in the Smart Village with developing their ability to participate in a wide range of customer service oriented functions for the European market. 

Our CEO created assessment and training options for employees with a good knowledge of the target language, but who lacked the finesse required in the professional environment.  The success at Microsoft facilitated our expansion to the provision of industry-specific training courses for Law, Petroleum, Sales/Distribution, and International Management. 

We currently operate in 16 countries and offer training in several languages.

​​Michelle Parks is the CEO of Pangaea Services. Michelle currently provides personal and professional development coaching in Egypt, France, Japan, and the United States. 

Michelle’s specializations are academic tutoring, business communication strategies, legal English writing and processes, and personal development coaching. 

Michelle is also a professional singer and comfortably speaks French, Spanish, and Arabic. 

"I have been coaching business professionals, lawyers, and university students to success for more than 15 years and and I love my job!" -- M

Dwayne Parks has served as the Pangaea Services business communication expert for the last seven years.  After completing his studies in Business Management, Economics and Marketing, Dwayne created a successful events planning agency.

As a video game enthusiast and Mortal Kombat champion, in 2009, Dwayne developed a branding strategy to design and launch an online video-gaming platform.  He  currently hosts competitions, live-streaming events, and weekly tutorials; and, has over 4,000 subscribers.

He now facilitates the implementation of  Pangaea Services' global strategic initiatives.  In addition, Dwayne serves as liaison to Pangaea Services' project partners.

Dwayne comfortably speaks  Spanish and is currently studying Arabic and Japanese.


Paris Parks has taught English and academic studies at the Pangaea Services offices in Egypt, France, and the USA for 10 years.  She specializes in providing K-12 language arts, science, and math support in addition children's event programming.  

Paris created the Pangaea Kids' Club Summer Camp in 2008 for expat children living in Cairo, Egypt.  The two-session, four-week program offers multilingual instruction in language arts, math, and music.  

After studying Japanese at the Japanese Embassy in Cairo, and serving as an interpreter and translator, Paris also teaches Beginner Japanese.  Her courses include the study of Hiragana & Katakana, introductions, daily expressions, grammar and vocabulary. 

Paris comfortably speaks Japanese, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Our Instructors 

All workshops and training sessions are facilitated by Pangaea language instructors.  We are committed to providing a unique learning experience while utilizing innovative teaching methods.